A man called Chak

Подготовка изображения для лазерной гравировки или керамического напыления. Ретушь и реставрирования фотографий для памятников и мемориалов.

By doing a really large number of jobs, in recent years, we have encountered a variety of people with a variety of requirements. In the sea of people we were in contact with, one gentleman, whom it is impossible to forget, stands out. A few years ago we were contacted by a person named Chuck, […]


БЕСПЛАТНО - Скрипка, музыкальная подготовка к травлению

Here is another free item, ready for laser etching or impact etching machine. We received a picture of a violin that needed processing. The picture was already large and clear, we did nothing special, just proper converting to B&W and isolating it from the background. Because the violin Is really very beautiful we asked our […]