Мемориал Пик

The activities of our team are closely related to the production of monuments. We do not produce them, but we are a key link in the process of preparing the monument for the client


We are a team of graphic artists who prepare photographs for further use in the production of the monument around the world. As former engravers, we have a clear idea of the quality of the memorial images that are required for the production of the monument.

Our experience in the field of funeral services for more than 20 years. We have concentrated our knowledge and many years of experience exclusively on processing imperfect photographs and preparing them for a perfect memorial photograph.

Наш опыт в сфере ритуальных услуг больше 20 лет. Мы сконцентрировали наши знания и многолетний опыт исключительно на обработке несовершенных снимков и подготовке их к совершенной мемориальной фотографии.


We will apply various photo editing techniques and vast experience for each image you send to us to make it as suitable as possible for memorial photography. If you send us instructions, we will follow them, but even without clear instructions, we process each photo very responsibly, investing effort and time to get the most satisfactory result.

The services we offer include:

  • Image brightness adjustment

  • Noise reduction in the image.

  • Color Correction – Improving Faded Colors and Color Balance

  • Retouch – stain removal, acne raised edges, scratches

  • Recovery-fixing of damaged parts of photos

  • Slight correction of shoulders, collar and repair, etc.

  • The main photo montage is removing the background, changing clothes …


    All this is included in the basic offer. Additional services are paid depending on the time required to obtain a satisfactory result.


    Over time, we specialize in portrait editing, where we achieve the highest results in preparing photographs for ceramic images. Our work is also confirmed when it comes to preparing patterns for etching on tombstones.

Etching patterns are prepared using several different techniques.

  • Regular training

  • Portrait painting of Stipple

  • Engraving method

  • Halftone pattern


    For any additional information, please contact us through the contact form or through social networks.

    We will reply as soon as possible.